06 1 / 2012

Mom has spent the last two days with her friend, Pat.
Mom’s been cutting out patterns for bibs and Pat has been sewing them together.
They’re planning on expanding to include aprons, too, and not just for children.
After they have a hoard, they are going to stockpile until October, when they are going to sell their wares at a craft fair.  

Pat also wants to make purses!!
This makes me excited because I have wanted to make purses forever. 
I have a pattern book and I purchased material a long time ago.
So we may have a collaboration going on for that, too.

I asked mom if I could sell some cards there, and she said yeah.
So, now, I got to get to crafting.

…one of the best parts?
Grandma’s tenant is being evicted, effective Feb 1, and her house will be vacant.
Gran, mom, and Pat want to turn it into The Hen House, so they can set up a crafting HOUSE and leave all their sewing stuff there.
I can even have a room for my cards and papercrafts!! =)

I know where I’ll be spending a lot of my free time.  

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